The main reason why it is advisable to invest in real estate properties of Dubai is the fact that property in Dubai is economical on an International level. At this point of time, an average villa in Dubai will cost around $1,000 per square metre, which is quite low as compared to the villa in London Docklands where it would cost $5,000 per square metre. As you can clearly see from the comparison, there are only few modern cities in the world where top-quality property is priced so low. Dubai is one of those cities.

International real estate market

If real estate experts are to be believed, authorities in Dubai are working overtime to come up with an international property market from scratch, with foreign ownership of freehold already being introduced last year. In other word, one can safely say that the buyers are given an absolute brilliant deal to motivate them to be pioneers.

Supply shortage

Another important reason, which clearly emphasizes that one must invest in Dubai real estate is the fact that the government of Dubai is working hard to prevent a shortage of supply and is willing to offer land to developers as an incentive. Point to be noted here is that what at the moment looking like a big supply in Dubai may be nothing compared with demand in two or three years time. After all, Dubai is growing its GDP at the staggering rate of 7-8% annually and there are no sign of this trend slowing up either.

Esing building costs

There is no doubt that a fundamental influence on property prices is increasing building costs. It is worthwhile remembering that the low US dollar is pushing up the cost of materials from Europe, which is pushing energy prices to its peak. As you may be aware, Dubai is a city where a large chunk of people earns high tax-free salaries, these people are more than willing to support higher house prices. All in all, one can safely say that Dubai, a city with a 20-year track record of strong economic growth will continue to attract foreign and regional inward investment in the years to come.


Source by Sophia K